Grand Rapids, MI Is a Brewery City

Grand Rapids, MI IS Full of Breweries 

Grand Rapids has such a reputation for beer these days that it’s proudly claimed the nickname Beer City. It has plenty of activities for beer tourists to check out, but the backbone of its beer scene is its large number of craft breweries. Serving up classic and innovative beers in cool taprooms across the city, these are our choices for the best breweries in Beer City. Click here for facts about Grand Rapids, MI.

Founders Brewing Company

The brewery that is considered responsible for starting the craft beer revolution in Beer City is Founders, which has achieved such success that its beer is available in bars worldwide. But its hometown taproom is well worth a visit, offering beers you won’t find anywhere else alongside food and regular live music events. Click here to read about Grand Rapids, MI is a Nightlife Hub.

Brewery Vivant 

Undoubtedly one of the city’s most popular drinking spots, Brewery Vivant specializes in farmhouse beers inspired by small breweries in southern Belgium and northern France. It matches the beer with European cuisine from its scratch kitchen, and its chapel-like setting completes the whole rustic package. It’s also the world’s first LEED-certified microbrewery.

Grand Rapids Brewing Co.

Grand Rapids had a famous brewing scene around the turn of the 20th century, with the Grand Rapids Brewing Co. among its leaders before Prohibition put it out of business. In 2012, the name was resurrected for a new brewery not far from its original location.