Grand Rapids, MI is a Historic Town

Historical Landmarks in Grand Rapids, MI

For exclusive historical experience in Grand Rapids, the choices of areas to visit include the following. Further facts about Grand Rapids, MI can be found here.

Meyer May House

The Meyer May House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built-in 1908 for a wealthy clothier. The original structure was a modest-sized Prairie-style home that was gradually altered and added to over the years. The house was later purchased and painstakingly restored to its original form after two years of research. Today, the building is open to the public at no charge, complete with original and reproduction furniture. Visitors can also admire the 108 windows and skylights, products of Wright’s love for using leaded glass. Information about Grand Rapids, MI is Full of Museums can be found here.

Grand Rapids, MI is a Historic Town

Heritage Hill Historic District

Grand Rapids Heritage Hill was the city’s first neighborhood, once home to many prominent and influential residents who built the city. In 1968, the Heritage Hill Association was formed to help preserve the neighborhood’s history and prevent the destruction of these fine homes. Since then, it has been a recognized Historic Neighborhood. The association provides a self-guided walking tour of the area that highlights 37 of its finest homes. The numerous styles are examples of Italianate, Georgian Revival, Gothic Revival, Federal, Queen Anne, Tudor, and Chateauesque architecture.