Questions to Ask Your Sleep Apnea Doctor

When you see a sleep apnea specialist, you should ask some questions. These usually go a long way to determine the level of care you will get. Here are the questions to ask always.  Click here for facts about Grand Rapids, MI.

Are You a Certified Sleep Specialist?

A primary care physician may suspect that you have sleep apnea—and some will even order tests—but you must consult with a certified sleep doctor, who can rule out other conditions and decide on the best treatment for you before a diagnosis is made. Click here to read about  Characteristics of Indispensable Sleep Apnea Clinics.

Questions to Ask Your Sleep Apnea Doctor

What Are All of My Treatment Options?

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is the recommended first treatment for moderate to severe sleep apnea, but there are sometimes other options. Surgery may allow certain people freedom from wearing a CPAP mask to bed every night, but it’s not always a permanent cure. Ensure your doctor gives you an accurate assessment without promoting their treatment plan with more promise than it deserves.

How Can I Make My CPAP Machine More Comfortable?

Whether you obtain your CPAP machine and mask directly from your sleep doctor’s office or a medical supply retailer, professionals must help you choose a device you feel comfortable with.